Booster Club Directory



John and Christy Allmon
Scott and Cathy Bardin
Louisa and Danny Becker
Alan and Renee Cassel
Matt and Andrea Deeley
Joe and Stephanie Elmer
Marcia and David Elston
Shelby and Iryna Foss
Laura Greenwalt & Ken Rechkemmer
Vicki and Michael Jeffus
Ed and Lisa Kakos
Bobby and  Melissa Lebkowsky
Eskider Seyoum
Sterling Strange & Wendi Williams
Kevin  and Jillaine Williams
Jeff and Kathryn Kendall




Lee and Missy Blankenship
Kristopher Colig
Mary Mankarious
Jeff and Trisha Miller
Paul and Sheri Nathanson
Darin and Diana Lyn Perkins
Teresa Santos
Biju and Sherly Varghese
Cheré and Yale Vinson




Ernesto Agurto
Arwyn Latham-Ary and Gene Ary
Craig and Tiffany Austin
Lori and Roger Bach
Pete and Michelle Bagrow
Chris and Bonnie Barham
Joyce Boyajan
Dain and Staci Brooks
Blanca and Marco Cardenas
John and Kristy Carlile
Diana and Doug Corley 
Paula and Scott Cote
Bill and Lynn Coyle
John and Pam Crocco
Tonya and Trent Curtis
Paul and Kayla DeLorimiere
Allan and Ann Ditzig
Mike and Holly Domagala
Ben and Holly Egan
Doug and Pat Ensign
Rick and Robin Farrell
Scott and Annette Fletcher
James and Suzanne Geiger
Diane and Joe Giuffreda
Brian and Kristi Gleason
Whitney Kilgore
Trip and Holly Gotelli
Clint and Kindra Grider
Debbie Haney
Pat and Shawnette Hannah
Beverley Hansen
Chance and Linda Harris
James and Sherri Heerwagen
David and Karen Herrick
Morgan and Simon Hollinghurst
Jonathan and Heather Hoopes
David and Susan Horton
Sherry Horton
Jen Houck
Ann Smith
Faye Hunte
Rick and Valerie Jernigan
Sandy and Kerry Lancaster
Shannon Larson
Jerry and Ruth Lester
Adam and Lisa Lingenfelter
Bharathi Lokesh
Melanie Lopez
Le Luong
Hal and Lisa Magee
Rob and Nancy Marcoe
Jack and Toni Marquardt
Laura and Casey McCluskey
Tammy McIntire
Ken and Leslie McReynolds
Dave and Laura Milius
Bob and Lisa Miller
Mike and Peggy Miller
Peter and Shelly Mungiguerra
Susan Parish and John Niesen
Samuel No
Wes and Kathy Olfers
Victor and Stephanie Palma
Tony and Sandra Parker
Tan and Beth Parker
Scott and Michelle Phillips
Rudy and Jennifer Ramirez
Shawn and Sarah Richmond
Todd and Natalie Rodgers
Tracy and Julie Tally
Steve and Emily Ruther
Wes and Carolee Sampson
Ken and Ruth Schwendemann
John Silva
Tom and Melissa Simpson
King and Marilyn Sloan
Wade and Elizabeth Solomon
Tim and Carolynn Spencer
Darrell and Linda Stevens
Mark and Jodi Stewart
Jeff and Elizabeth Stroud
Archana Thatte
Megan and Doug Uken
Fernando and Laurie Urrutia
Kathleen and Ron Wanhanen
Lisa Grayson
Deborah Waters and Robert Haire
Joe and Teresa Weaver
Brian and Ellen Weaver
Jeff and Jen Wilkin
John and Donna Woolf
Russell and Mary Yeatts
Cindy and Todd York
Scott and Stacey Zellen

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